Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Year End Truth of It

As the end of the year looms closer, I feel like I should do something to wrap it up in style.

This blog has been up since September and what it has accomplished already, kind of makes my head spin. I've said that this blog was not my idea. It was something that made my blood pressure go up, just thinking about it. In order for it to work, I had to be more open that I really like to be. But, God has blessed me with it. I feel like I've gotten more from sharing my heart and from collecting the brilliance and hearts of others...Thank YOU for being a part of this!

I hope that you all continue to be involved and that we can, together, reach out to those who need and want the cameraderie that this forum could allow us to have. I know that I treasure the gift of fellowship, of community, of the sense of a secret society...of knowing that I am not alone.

In conclusion, I'd like to share a quote from a movie, that I think sums up a lot in just a few words:

"You are what I never knew I always wanted." ~ Fools Rush In

I am sure that virtually every single one of you who has children with special needs, whatever they are, can relate to this. The battles are difficult, but the rewards are sweeter than we ever dreamed.


  1. Absolutely Beautiful!! You couldn't have put it any sweeter! I love you and my precious Leesie!

  2. I agree with what Katie just said about your blogs! I think having a special needs child brings a closeness of sharing in the gift God has entrusted us with.
    I'm sure we can all learn some things from each other as we feel more secure about "opening up" the deepest thoughts and feelings inside.
    We really were sad and missed our daughter so much this Christmas as it was the first we
    ve had without her.
    Decorating the tree caused me to be very sentimental thinking about the things we did, and the ornaments she would put on the tree.
    One of my favortie memories was when as a little girl she got up early one morning and quietly took all the red ornaments off the tree and lined them all up in a row on the floor. ha
    Hope this year coming up brings good health, joy and peace to all the mothers who take such good care of their children and teach them the things of God!

  3. Absolutely and Amen...may 2011 be even better!

  4. Happy New Year and what a beautiful girl!