Thursday, January 6, 2011


Do I hope that we are making the right decision? You bet I do.

Remember back in October when Elise was making some rotten behavior decisions? Well, she is continuing to have great days, and continuing to have abrupt behavior impulses that she cannot control. She has responded positively to consequences and several programs that we and her teacher have put into play...but she is still struggling to control the impulses.

We don't know if this is ADHD in play. Or if there is something more neurological. So, we decided that we would address the ADHD. I sucked up my desire to avoid medication in favor of friends at school. While she has some friends, both typical and special peers, who seek her out to play, there are also those who actively dodge her, because of the abrupt and aggressive actions. And she has difficulty attending to class and can be a distraction to others.

So, we met with a neurologist to discuss options. He agreed that my arm chair assessment of her actions was correct, most likely being ADHD. We decided to address that, and if that didn't impact her behaviors then we would look deeper at possible migraines or seizures or other possibilities...

He prescribed a medication, but because she is being followed by a cardiologist, they had to sign off on this drug because of effects it may have on her heart....well, 3 weeks later, and we are still trying to iron this out...don't even get me started...suffice it to say, I have a new nurse friend that I know by first name...oh, and I have her personal number too. :)

Elise has a cardiologist appointment today at 1:00pm. Please pray for wisdom at this visit...I'll tell you the whole story when I share the results of this afternoon... I do pray for discernment on the part of the physician for Elise's best and healthiest path...

I want her to make safe decisions with regard to her friends. I want her to be able to attend in class. I want her to maintain her mischievous and bubbly self. I want her body to be safe.

Please pray with us.


  1. Tiffany-

    I am sure you and your doctors have a very specific plan in mind and I don't mean or desire to push information on you that you are not interested in, but I thought I may as well share. I am a chiropractor and we sell a line of supplements in our practice called Standard Process. These are whole food supplements (so if they need vitamin A, the get it from carrots instead of a laboratory made vit A). I've had a few patients in the same boat as you, needing changes, but unsure of ADHD meds for their children. My patients have had good results by simply supplementing with omega-3s and high quality multivitamins. I am sure you have your hands full trying to figure this all out (and will know exactly what you are facing when my niece gets here in February) but if you are interested in more information please let me know and I'll be happy to help as much as I can from afar. If not, I completely understand. Good luck making the tough decisions. I have no doubt you will make the best one for Elise.

    You're in my prayers,


  2. hope the appointment went well. I read your facebook post. Interested in the results. And interetsed in how you manage the 24 hours! Love you my friend!

  3. Fingers crossed! It's hard to know what is going on when kids go through this kind of thing but my they mostly grow out of them. Sometimes when kids are depressed they act out, sometimes when they are physically unwell. ADD may be the answer but behavioral approaches work well for that too, meds are not the whole answer and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Sometimes I think that a kid on meds just makes the teachers feel better:) Hugs and well wishes!