Sunday, January 16, 2011

Challenge, if you will accept it!

I posted a very cool giveaway and fundraiser HERE to help get a family the final amount that they need to bring a child from the Ukraine home. Her name is Masha.

This family has already adopted two children, also with Down Syndrome. When they were there helping other children, they felt that God was asking them to bring this girl home, too.

The foundation that is handling the adoption is the very reputable Ukraine Ministries of Oklahoma, who has a particular specialty in special needs adoptions called Eli Project (Please read about them HERE). When you donate the funds are sent straight to them and they are even tax deductible!! If you donate securely HERE, you will also be entered to win an amazing kit of sign language DVDs called Signing Time.

AND I have been given an opportunity to up the ante. If you donate, there is someone who is willing and thrilled to match your donations dollar for dollar, up to $500 dollars!!! Seriously!! If even half of the folks who follow this blog on Facebook and through Google Friend donated a measly $5 to this fundraiser (make your coffee and breakfast at home for one day!!), with the help of our matching sponsor, we could give this family a big FAT $1000 to help them bring their girl home!! Wouldn't that feel wonderful???

The thing order to know the funds to match, you need to send me an email with your name and your donation amount. Okay? I won't tell anyone else, just confirm with Ukraine Ministries so we can match! So, go, donate, email to Tiffany at with your amount, and know that your lost coffee went to change someone's LIFE!!!

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