Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 for 21: Things You Don't Know Challenge

One of my best friends said that I "had to do at least one post that includes facts about Down Syndrome that we were more than likely not aware of"...

Challenge accepted. 

You can Google the features, medical issues, and disabilities that are par for the course with Down Syndrome.  If I run out of ideas, I will do those...in the meantime:

Things that you don't think of when you think of Down Syndrome:

#1  Elise is a technology junkie.

Like my uncle who was always on the cutting edge cannot hold a candle to Elise, sorry, Mike!  :)

She can open anything, freeze anything, lock you out of anything, play any game, win more than you should, and by-pass controls that you shouldn't be able to.

Rather than learn how to use her talkbox from the basics, she prefers to lock it up so that I have to call the company and find out how to unlock it...every single time she touches it.

She played Amelia's KindleFire for 10 minutes last night.  When Amelia got it back her first words were, "Hey, Elise!  You bought me a new background and the kitty I wanted!!  Thanks!"

Amazon's Customer Service number is in my contacts in my phone.  Why??  Because Elise has changed the language settings on her KindleFire, the security password, the Parental Controls password, the fonts, the Cloud password, and locked us out of it completely.

She has done much of the same on our computer. 

She can upload photos from a camera to a computer.

She can change wallpapers.  Screen savers.  Icon placement.

She has been known to get from PBSkids.com to Shopzilla and save a host of her favorite items to a cart.

She cannot spell folks.  She doesn't know her middle name.  She doesn't know her phone number.  She can read like a 4th week kindergartner.


I am reminded of a quote by Ed Foreman, I heard as a kid, "Because of the size and weight in comparison to it's itty bitty wingspan, the bumblebee cannot fly.  But the bumblebee doesn't know that, so it goes ahead and flies anyway."

Bumblebee, thy name is Elise.


  1. Oh Elise! Ellie always changes the language on the iPad and I am stuck trying to figure out how to change it out of German. Send Elise on over here. I could use some new wallpapers and screen saver :) She is one clever cookie

  2. I think people have different kinds of intelligence. Elise may not be able to read, but it sounds like she has a talent she's going to excel at! Maybe you can find a way for her love of technology to help her learn other things!