Tuesday, October 15, 2013

31 for 21: How Do You Like Them Bapples?!?!?!

Today is an exercise in rejoicing.  You probably won't get why this is a BIG FREAKING DEAL, but it absolutely is.

Last night the stars aligned, and meatloaf with extra ketchup was held hostage.  ELISE ATE APPLES!!  Granted it was like 2 eighth of an apple pieces, but STILL!!!  This is a culmination of EIGHT YEARS of Occupational and Speech therapies!!!!  This is a coup in proportions of Hannibal and the Elephants!!  Joshua and Jericho!!  MIRACULOUS, Y'all!!!!

With SPD, textures can cause a child to gag, choke, and generally freak out.  Apples have been on Elise's black list for...How old is she now?  She will sometimes eat cooked apples.  She will eat applesauce.  She will lick and occasionally taste them for Johnny Appleseed projects in school.  But she has never once willingly eaten an apple.  Last night, I wanted to try again...for the 33rd zillionth time...and so I attempted to eliminate as many factors as possible.  I cut it up.  I took off the skin.  She keened and groaned and growled.  I told her that she could have more meatloaf (her favorite) if she ate the apples.  She licked, shivered with disgust and scratched off some into a little bit of apple pulp on her finger which she licked off...she turned to me after it was clear that she HAD to try one.  "Cut?"  She wanted me to cut it into littler pieces.  I felt like I was making apples for dollhouse people by this point, but, sure...whatever.



Plus, isn't she cute??  Filthy, perhaps, but cute...  She notices that I am recording her about halfway and poses to smile, because she thinks I am taking a picture...  Plus, notice, her princess finger positioning!  *Sigh*

Rejoice with me!!!!  "How do you like them apples???????"

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  1. Whooo hooooo!!!!!! Rock on , Elise!!!!!! Happy tears over here.