Thursday, October 31, 2013

31 for 21: Mix Tape

Fluff for today...I am totally telling my age, here, but if Elise were to make a mix tape...these would be her Top Eleven:

1.  Switchfoot:  Meant To Live

2.  Despicable Me 2: Pharrell: Just a Cloud Away

3.  Brad Paisley: I'll Take You Back

4.  Chipmunks:  That's How We Roll

5.  KT Tunstall:  Black Horse in a Cherry Tree

6.  Austin Powers:  Daddy Wasn't There
     (The irony is her Daddy played this for her and she thinks it's hysterical!)

7.  Enchanted:  Amy Adams:  Happy Working Song

8.  Northpoint Kids:  Your Love For Me

9.  Shrek:  Smash Mouth:  I'm a Believer

10.  Heart:  Barracuda
(Another Gift by way of Shrek)

11.  Queen and the Muppets:  Bohemian Rhapsody

And one to grow on:

(And yes, these are all on her iPod shuffle!)


  1. Great selection! Don't tell anyone but we still have some of our old mix tapes and still play them sometimes! :)

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