Thursday, October 3, 2013

31 for 21: Things You Don't Know #3

Things You Didn't Know #3

Did you know that you can love things for the possibilities?

I mean, we all know that lots of women get involved with men for their "potential"  (for the record this is a load of hooey, don't do it!!)...Jerry Maguire, anybody?
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So, anyhow...

Elise loves books.  She will still look at books, CHAPTER books, mind you, with no pictures...and stare at the words...and flip gently through them...and pet them, for the promise that the words hold....  For the stories that she knows they stand for.

Ever since Gabriel was a toddler, we have gotten Lego catalogues.  I grew up with Legos almost as closely as I did books.  So as soon as I had kids, I was on their mailing list.
About a year ago, Elise started begging for Legos.  I bought a set and she tried to put it together and it was an exercise in frustration.  I tried to encourage her to use Duplos, and she was completely insulted...and so I put it in a baggie in my pantry. 
My husband found it this weekend as he was (what we affectionately call) "rage cleaning"...this happens occasionally, as I tend to visually in, I clean what I can see...and periodically, he finds a stash of "cleaned" stuff and he *ahem* takes it out for me to sort and do away with...
BUT I digress...
The Legos were found...and Charlotte got at them first...she tried SO hard to follow the directions, but ended up getting out her beloved Duplos...  When Elise found them, she was ecstatic...and promptly pored over them for about 45 minutes.  And built something.
THIS IS AMAZING.  The fine motor skills that she has been fighting for for the last 10 years?  Finally paid off for something that she WANTED.
The Legos are also little bricks of possibility.  Just like words.  They can be made into ANYTHING.  They don't need to talk.  Their actual goal is not "play", their goal IS the set up...  Really, they are her perfect toy!!!

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  1. Find what they like and the magic begins....