Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday ADHD

Elise ran out of ADHD meds just in time for Christmas.  We had to cram a run to her neurologist's primary office smack in the middle of getting up and running, because they couldn't refill without a neurology follow-up.  Not awesome.  Not awesome-er?  Melty-Melty-Meltdowns in the floor.  And so we went.  Quite thankful for the awesome-er that is improving!

Between meds "resetting", her schedule being off with not being in school, and searching for desired's been a little bumpy around here.

We went unplugged this morning.  It was good.  But Elise couldn't quit cold turkey, and so she and Gabriel are giggling over America's Funniest Videos while the little girls nap.  We'll go back to trampolines, over-loving the cat, and possibly a playset run in a bit...but for now...we cave.  Peace on Earth and all that.  :)

More on actual Christmas later.

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