Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Merry Christmas! It's a Surprise!!"

At school, there is something called Elf Shelf.  Basically its a cheap "store" put on by the school so the kids can shop for their loved ones by themselves.

I was game this year and gave both Amelia and Elise $4 to shop with.  I figured they'd both come back for something for their siblings and something for themselves. 

Amelia came back with some of the creepy stress pens that you squeeze and their eye-balls pop way out.  A pink one and a brown one.  One for all the girls to share and one for the boys to share.  Charlotte got a pair of pink sunglasses, "because she can't use pens.  She colors on herself!"  Which is, indeed, true.  And Gabriel got a green cup, "for lacrosse, when he's thirsty!"

Elise bought a cheap barbie for Charlotte, "Cause Yaya, not share" (Amelia is bad about sharing Barbies, this is a well-known fact.)  She bought me bath fizzy balls, "For bath!"  She got bubbles for Amelia and Gabriel to "share".  And Ethan got a miniature hand mop.  "Cause Daddy like to clean."  :)


And that's all there is to be said about that.  

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  1. Oh my goodness! Too precious. I love seeing how kids think. So is it true? Does your hubby like to clean? If so, please send him on over.