Monday, January 9, 2012

A Bumpy Start to 2012

Elise is still readjusting to her medication.  She's still a bit "off".  I will find her sucking her thumb, like she's going to ingest it.  I will tell her "no" over anything and it will send her over the emotional edge.  When we went to the neurologist, she suggested that it was that her thyroid finally gave up the ghost and she needed (more?!) meds.  I finally got the call back from her endocrinologist, and she said, "no" that really was unlikely that it was making an impact on her emotions without taking a toll on her weight or appetite.  And so we still don't have a clue what is causing the emotional melting.  It makes me exhausted.  I wish I had SOME kind of answer.  Any of you veteran mamas who have any ideas, PLEASE share. 

At the neuro's office, I did discover that she had gained 8 pounds and TWO WHOLE INCHES in height since June!!!!  If you don't know what a giant deal this is, let me just share that it typically takes her YEARS to get multiple inches, not 6 months.  With the increase in height, the weight is a freebie...but I am still a little concerned.  We are seriously considering joining the Y or our local pool to get her some exercise in, as she keens and howls if I make her go on a walk with me.  We single-handedly give ALL the neighborhood dogs a nervous breakdown.  I am sure our neighbors LOVE us.  Right now, we are just trying to get her well and we jump on the mini trampoline in the basement  or play on our playset for some exercise. 

Elise was scheduled to have her 6th (in 4 years) set of ear tubes put in today.  We cancelled yesterday thanks to our monthly bout with croup.  Anesthesia wouldn't touch her with a 10 foot pole.  The scheduling nurse said that she couldn't use her inhaler within 5 days of the surgery because it is a steroid.  My pediatrician said to ignore her for the next scheduling of the surgery.  So, I probably will.  Mostly because with a diagnosis of croup we cannot reschedule the surgery for 2 more weeks.  Which is great because it will probably coincide with her next round of croup.  *sigh*  That said, she tends to be crazy with fluid in her ears, PLUS she cannot get her ABR (a sedated hearing test) which therefore also delays her re-qualification for special education services...hopefully the fact that she is sick will figure in...and not just dates.  (Because otherwise we will be in a world of hurt.)

Christmas was nice.  I did manage to find a "Wolf Game" which is all Elise asked for for Christmas.  I got a nice Webkinz wolf, which qualified for a wolf game.  Yay!!  We kept the gifts pretty low key and got things that they needed because we opted for a family trip instead of more things nobody needs.  So "Christmas" will be making another appearance in February.  I am really excited over this!!  It's much more Elise's cup of tea anyway.  And memories are ALWAYS better than stuff!!  Right?

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