Monday, September 3, 2012

Reach Out

Well, this isn't exactly what I thought my first September blog post would be about, but it certainly is on topic...

On one of my doll-making boards, someone posted this up: 
"Ok...a little girl needs your help! Sweet little Jane has battled Leukemia hard, but unfortunately the cancer is winning. She is now home in hospice waiting for the inevitable... but she has a dream- to meet the boy band Big Time Rush. What an awesome diversion that would be for her! But she needs your help! Let's make sure that BTR here's her story! I have encouraged Jane's family to set up a separate group facebook page for this endeavor and when that happens I will post it here... that will make it easier to "tweet" about it, if we have a page to link. But in the meantime we can be spamming their facebook page. If anyone has other suggestions, then that would be useful! I know that Ellen's page is being spammed also in hopes that she could help with this. If this was your daughter you know that you would want to make anything that she wanted in her final weeks possible, so let's pull together and try to help! We are 1100 women strong here!"
Here is her Facebook page:
Here is the Big Time Rush's Facebook page:
Here is the Twitter link (if you are more tech-y than me):
And lest you think this is a Facebook scam, here is her Caring Bridge link:
All I am asking of you is to copy the link to her FB page and/or her Caring Bridge link to the Big Time Rush page, and request they consider making a little girl's wish come true.  It'll take like all of 3 minutes.  And you may help make a little girl struggling, very happy!  And provide good memories for her family if she indeed succumbs to the leukemia...STINKY CANCER.  Link up to anyone you think may be willing to spam them...

For those that helped join the campaign to bring Big Time Rush to Jane, she lost the battle, but not without receiving a video telling her that they would skype her...and there were plans churning for them surprising her with a visit...
I hate that they didn't make it in time, but I am glad that she knew they had heard and were trying to make her feel special. Please pray for her family in their loss...

If you added your voice to her request, a quick thank you for their attempt would be sweet...

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