Thursday, September 13, 2012

A "Fighter"

If you ask anyone...who has a loved one with Downs or not...they will have a stereotype to give of kids or people, for that matter with Down Syndrome.

I get the "loving", "sweet", "angels"...answers all the time.  Yesterday I do believe that I got the most honest answer and possibly the most accurate stereotype.

Elise's new Speech Therapist and I were chatting about possible factors/tendencies that may be affecting Elise's speech, and she made the comment, "Well, she is very much like all the folks with Down Syndrome I've ever worked with, in that she is *Very Stubborn*."  We laughed, because that is certainly probably Elise's over-riding trait...and I started thinking over all the kids that I have read about in blogs, the kids that I have met, and adults that I have had contact with, and started wondering if that isn't the most accurate?  Whether they rely on passive aggressive tricks, full on mule, or shouting...I've not met a single person with Down Syndrome that doesn't have that trick up their sleeve....

Now, lest you start getting defensive...I have a theory to go along with is NOT a criticism.  I believe that our kids are fighters.  I believe that they can go far because they are willing to fight for themselves.  Whether they are demonstraters or whether they are recluses, they are willing to take steps to protect themselves.  They have extra challenges, but given the proper tools, I also believe that they could maybe have the most hardwired opportunity for success.

I have laughed about the fact that we gave Elise my middle name, Nicole.  It means "victory over the people."  We have teased that perhaps she takes that a little too seriously, and claims that as her prophecy...  But maybe, just maybe, we accidentally got it right???

How about you weigh this a true call for your loved ones?


  1. I don't see it as a criticism, and I think in the broad sense it's very true. (I, too, dislike stereotypes so I get all nervous when talking about it!)

    But my kid has a stubborn streak a mile long and a mile wide. Then again, so do I! In our case, it's hard to know if it's the extra chromosome or just what happens when you're my kid. :D

  2. Stubborn? What's stubborn? We dont' have that over here in our household :-P
    You should meet my Aunt Peggy (who has Ds). She can manipulate like there is no tomorrow. She told the people in her home she couldn't eat x,y,z because her doctor said she is allergic her to when in reality it was because SHE didn't WANT to.