Sunday, August 26, 2012

Updates...a Quickie Post

Real quick!! 

Elise's daddy had reconstructive knee surgery and has Elise's super sensitivities to drugs and is struggling with both the recovery and the side effects of the drugs that are supposed to be "helping" him.  And so I am going crazy...

Elise is enjoying her new classes and new teachers...and is putting everybody through their paces...looking for the chinks in their armour...which she will then assess how she can use them...seriously...this is her MO.  She may not have a super IQ, but DANG can she read people...

I finally got a call back from the ABR (sedated hearing test people) and the communication technology specialists.  We have the ABR scheduled for the first of September and the communication assessment for the middle of November.  I am really looking forward to the results of both...AND I wasn't forced to break into their offices and threaten their first born...but just barely under the wire...  :)

I also finally found a speech therapist that she will be able to attend regularly!  YAY!

Also, in my stress of everything, I have fallen back on my own comfort food...Indian food...MMmmmmmm!  And you want to know something?  My kids all like it...!!  Elise is all but licking the bowls...  Peanuts?  No.  Grapes?  Uh...NO!  Curry?  Cumin?  Potent spices?  Delish!! 

Also, she wept copiously when I went to swim laps at the pool...she wanted to go something awful...I think I'm going to try and take her to play one time soon...maybe if I get brave, I'll attempt swimming lessons.  SERIOUSLY.  Even typing that makes my chest constrict in stress a little...but maybe...

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