Monday, November 7, 2011

Randomly Thankful Thoughts - Big

My girlfriend posted a challenge last year and renewed it this year.  (Read it HERE)  In the short, short version, she challenged us to find the random, small things that are sprinkled about in life...not the big stuff, we all say we are thankful for every year...which I am not disregarding, just that there are other things that we should be thankful for...

Yesterday, Elise fell asleep before I had to pick up Gabriel from Lacrosse practice.  When it came time to leave, I could not wake her up.  At all.  As she is not at a developmental level to be left alone, irrespective of her age, I could not just leave her home to sleep.

So I had to wrestle her 70 lbs out to the car.  Which is difficult enough under awake circumstances...but when she is asleep I am pretty sure she gains another 30-50 lbs.  When she sleeps all her joints turn into jello and she is almost impossible to carry.  Like a sleeping cat.  I thought this back when she was a mere I am turning into Inigo Montoya (in the Princess Bride) when he is dragging Wesley and keeps getting lower as he goes on.

Anyway, my Randomly Thankful thought yesterday was, "Wow.  I am glad I am not the petite little thing I always wished I could be."  If God had seen fit to give me the 5'0", fine-framed figure I had craved all throughout my life until adulthood, I would never been able to carry Elise up and down stairs at our old house while I was pregnant.  I couldn't piggy back her until she was 6 in a carrier.  I would never be able to strong arm her during tantrums at the grocery.  I certainly could not get her to and from the car while sleeping.  And the list pretty much goes on from there. 

I am a sturdy 5'8".  And I am thankful for every inch and every muscle nowadays.  I sometimes find myself wishing for more...  :)

On the flip side, as a friend observed,  I would not give up my Elise to become a petite little thing, though either.  It's worth it, from both perspectives...

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  1. Way to be thankful! God bless you!
    I just did a short blog on caregivers last week on my Joy4Today blog. When caring for the elderly or a special needs child, God seems to give the grace we need at the time it is needed. Looking back now I can see that - but at the time I often felt like God was giving me more than I could handle!