Friday, December 6, 2013

Celebrity Crush

So Elise is eleven.

When I was eleven, I had my first celebrity crush.  Errol Flynn made my heart flutter.  I know, weird.  I'll take my geek points with pride, thanks...

Elise's best friend, Megan, is super in love with One Direction.  Like, that was her birthday party theme.  And she got pillows and purses with their teen heartthrob faces all over them...And her friends are attempting to raise $ to send her to a concert, to blow her sweet mind.  HERE, in case you want to spend the $5 of a Starbucks to make a little girl sparkle with joy...

I got to thinking today who Elise's first heartthrob would be.  Someone who makes her jump and scream?


She knows the words to all his songs.  She has him on her ipod.  She has a plush version of him that she kisses.  She doesn't miss his movies.  She loves him.

Totally sigh worthy, right??

'Course it doesn't hurt that he's as obsessed with Christmas as she is....

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