Friday, August 26, 2011


The Top Ten Reasons Elise and Charlotte are Twinkies:
(Definition of Twinkie: A matched set, that are virtually identical!)

1) They look SO much alike. They both have the dark blonde hair and grey-blue eyes I am enchanted by. (So much so, that in my sleep deprived state at Charlotte's 3 month check up, I demanded a chromosomal test done on Charlotte, because I was SURE that she must have Downs, too...they talked me out of it.)

2) They both have the Brushfield Spots in their irises. (See comment on #1!!) This is my very favorite indicator of Downs, but it can show up in typical eyes, as well. Brushfield spots are magical stars that are unique pigmentation in the me they are almost indicative of being able to see into people, to truly see their hearts...

3) Nothing's ever easy. Medically, get it.

4) They are both pocket babies. They cannot get close enough. If they could crawl into your skin to be carried about, they totally would.

5) They have friendships with stuffed animals. They do not just have a stuffed animal that they love. They have real relationships. The animals have their own set of ideas, personalities, likes/dislikes, and plans that may or may not coincide with their little owners.

6) They adore animals. Turtles, dogs, cats, skinks...whatever. Completely captivated.

7) Stubborn doesn't begin to describe it.

8) Sensory seeking/defensive. Both crave certain things and will flip out over others... This will impact their happiness, sanity, and general well-being.

9) They get on completely obsessive kicks. They will get a movie or toy or theme and will run it into the ground. Nothing but______ for weeks. This will play out in movies, food, clothes, etc.

10) They adore each other. They really are each other's other half. They bask in each other's company like a cat in a sunbeam.


  1. I know all this, but your articulation of it brought tears to my eyes! I love to watch their utter adoration for each other! I pray this is a life-long reality for these two very special sisters! God's gifs are so precious!

  2. Sound like my oldest and some of Reagan, though she isn't old enough yet to see how much of it will play out. The stuffed animal thing and the fixation on a theme....totally get that here :) it'll be interesting to see what Reagan does since I do see similarities already.

  3. I love this--Twinkies! Beautifully written and I love reading about the sisterly bond.

  4. wow. nothing as special as having your sister as a your friend. hope this friendship and bond carries through for the rest of their lives!