Monday, June 16, 2014

Summertime and the Living Ain't So Easy

I have friends who are mad at me right now.  I don't think I've called anybody back for anything since we got out for the summer.

It's summer and I am still running around like my head has been cut off.  We have wound up with no food in the pantry twice.  I have had my mother bring me toilet paper and I have bought criminally over-priced toilet paper and milk from the gas stations and quick stops.

Partly because Gabriel is working and cannot drive, and partly because Elise and summer don't get along...

Elise does not play.  When she thinks she does it usually involves a pen taken to her arms and legs...or full on destruction.

She misses her friends.  She misses the routine.  She hates getting in the car to take/pick up her brother.  She hates shopping.

Right now, every time I say no to anything, she starts screaming that she's "gonna tell Daddy"...and then she weeps on the floor...  Sometimes, this goes the other way around.

I have been doing battle with summer, and shipped Elise and Amelia to grandparents for some alone time for themselves....and I have been hunting down ants and millipedes (we've had an infestation)...and cooking for Willow as it appears that she is allergic to dog food.  Yes.  I really said that...and then just running around doing errands...I guess...I don't feel like I ever stop, and yet I don't have anything good to show for it...I do a lot of picking up after Elise...

I had planned to go to my parents' pool and my friends' down the road, but I've also been fighting headaches/migraines and the rain keeps promising to come.....

We hope to pack up and just GO somewhere for a some point this Ethan can't not work unless he literally can't...and I am 100% sure that this is something we all fingers crossed...

Also, some pretend school will be nice...and summer review won't hurt anyone....

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  1. My heart goes out to you. It's easy enough for me to comment from my empty nest but one thing I know can help - Amazon Prime will totally take care of TP (you'll get an additional discount for auto ship) for toilet paper. They are great for all kinds of non perishables and have to be less expensive than a convenience store right? They may have some food items you can stay stocked up with too although that's a tougher one with the emphasis most are placing on fresh produce and lean high quality proteins.

    I think my biggest struggle with housework is where you said "not having anything to show for it". The only thing that helped me through that is when I trained my kids and/or grandkids to do it. A bottle of vinegar and baby wipes are pretty much non-toxic but will clean a bathroom and kitchen surfaces well.

    I'll love Maria Montessori forever for writing about a child's need for practical life exercises. When the grandchildren are here, they clean the bathrooms. I start them with a clean one and they wipe everything down with baby wipes. Vinegar serves as the toilet bowl cleaner that they swish around with a brush. I still have to supervise but it's nice that at least one room stays spotless thanks to their help. I really let them know what they accomplished and how much I appreciate it. Mine are boys so we make up games about "attacking the bad guys" (germs) coming in like commandos to attack and conquer.

    I know you probably just needed to vent more than anything but the mom/grandma part of me can't read without wanting to try to help fix it somehow. Your mom has been a wonderful part of our small group and I'll keep you all in my prayers.