Friday, April 11, 2014

Beach Bunny

We bought a vacation package at a fundraiser back in February.  It took us until the Christmas holidays to use it. 

I'll grant you that the beach in December isn't super toasty.  But it is certainly better than actual winter...even in Georgia.

All my life, we had some kind of plan for vacation.  Something we were going to do, something we wanted to see.  As a kid, my mom and dad were the types that had vacation itinerary, in which days were mapped out, if not hours.  At the first of our marriage and Gabriel's little-hood, we had skeleton plans, we knew the trip time, we had a few things that we wanted to work in...things have gotten progressively looser...but this time, we literally didn't look at the trip until we got in the car.  We had no idea of anything at our destination.  We Googled the directions when we got to the interstate.  No kidding.

We got there late at night, slept, got up, ate what we brought and then went straight out to the beach.  Then we drove around to get our bearings.  And then we just decided to decide as the days went...and it was the most purely healing vacation ever.  I mean, I don't want all of our vacations to be like this, but it was timely.

Amusingly enough, a good friend from home checked in at a local restaurant and we met up with them for an evening...

We watched TV, dug in the sand, walked, slept, and generally piddled.

This is the definition of heaven to Elise...She adores the beach.  She sleeps better, walks more, and is calmer than she is anywhere else.  I literally don't need to give her the ADHD medicine when we are at the beach.  She has no impulse control at home, but at the beach, all synapses are firing at a normal speed.  It's bizarre.  She doesn't suck her thumb from stress, she doesn't eat constantly.  It's like the sand and the wind and the sound of the water that makes my skin tired, neutralizes all her cravings and crazies...

The way the Toddler Tourette's is going concerning having to get in the car to go pick up her brother, eating supper, and brushing teeth, and I'll be pricing beach houses by the end of the month...


  1. Ahhh, beautiful! And I love how happy Elise looks! Which beach did you go to? We go to St. Simons Island in GA every year, and it's just sooooo relaxing. :-) Glad you could get away!

  2. I can definitely believe that about Elise. I find myself a lot calmer, happier and healthier when I am staying anywhere near nature, whether it is a cabin in the North woods of Wisconsin or a beachside hotel in Hawaii. I really think there is something about nature that just helps to regulate our systems.

  3. That's amazing how Elise responds at the beach. Fun pictures, looks like you had a great time!

  4. Thank you for posting pictures of Elise!!!!! I do not get to see her smiling face near enough. Next time I want a video :) So. . . . you need to move to the beach. In fact, I shall move with you. We can watch our girls frolic with the need of ADHD meds. It will be awesome.