Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Puppy Power

Okay.  It's for real now.

We are stepping up for a dog for Elise.  We have decided on a Therapy Dog personality, teenager dog, and training him into a pal.  Her sisters and myself are looking forward to having a fluffy someone to take the constant loving and petting she wishes to bestow.

I have found the most marvelous breeder, who is listening and really hearing what we need to make this work.  She even read this blog in an effort to find the perfect match.  We are looking at 2 dogs.  One is a miniature poodle, and one is a 2nd generation Pomapoo.  I just put down the holding fee for the boy that I think will be the best fit.  I hope to meet both boys this week to confirm my gut feelings.  I am hesitant and on the fence about bringing Elise, because any kind of squirrely meetings tend to make her worry.  And it took 2 sessions for her to get comfortable with the dog at her therapy center, and I don't see her being an immediate bonder with any puppy...especially if she is not at home or somewhere she is not comfortable.  But I will see how she is feeling the day of, and if she is doing well, she will be the only one who will come so as to not overwhelm the puppies (or Elise).

His tag name is Smoke, but the breeder tries to use only nicknames and endearments, so they can be named officially at adoption. 

Elise is thinking about names....so far she is wavering between Shrek, Stitch, Bear, Bolt, and Waffle.

If I am wrong about personality, we may have Cole, instead.

All things going smoothly, and by that I mean, WEATHER ALLOWING, I will have one or the other of them by this weekend.

In the meantime we weather more snow...and by that I mean ICE.

Please pray over a smooth transition, and the perfect match!


  1. Praying for the perfect match! Stay safe and warm, too.

  2. Praying that you find the right dog! They are both adorable. :)

  3. A dog found us this past fall for my son's 10th bday. She's a spritely 2 year old terrier mix. I loved watching my son give her hugs and say "aww, cute" to her this morning. He also really enjoys teaching her the "rules" of the house. Interesting, cause you don't realize HE knows them until someone lower on the pecking order enters the home and then he demonstrates his total mastery of what's right and what's wrong! : ) It's been really great for us! Good luck to you guys!

    1. I'm looking forward to that!! I'm hoping so hard!!