Saturday, August 10, 2013

Impairment? I think NOT

Do NOT tell me Elise isn't a dad-gum Evil Genius!!!!!! Mental impairment, my FOOT.

She has, yet again, made brilliant use of staging a scene of terror for best impact on her sisters' psyche.

She put this horror-inducing fellow, that she stole out of Gabriel's old toy box, snuggled up to one of Amelia's favorite dolls, angled to stare them down even in their favorite safety retreat, after discovery...and then just waited...for 4 hours.

Delayed gratification at its most evil...perhaps?

When I told her to put it away, she placed it on the stairs, so when her sisters came tearing down the stairs to tell their tale, they would be stymied, yet again.

I'd like those stupid test administrators to come here on a weekend and then tell me to my face. that she has no practical application skills. Hacks me off when they look pityingly at me "seeing strengths that are not there"...

They can Kiss My Fanny.


  1. LOL! IQ scores and test results can't stand up against a little kid's plans to freak out her siblings!

  2. wow! that thing would've scared me too! lol she definetly had some planning and in depth thought processing for that one.