Monday, July 22, 2013

That's Amore!

I've been struggling with a migraine for several days.  I have managed to beat it back to a functioning status up until last which point I am cooking my head in lavender oil infused bath water, so hot I can barely stand it and considering cutting my hair off, a la Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite.

This morning I was forced to pull out the big guns.  Prescription medication.  This morning I'm laying with a pillow over my head, praying my meds will kick in so I can ship my kids to my parents' who are camping locally, when I hear Elise, "I did it myself, Amelia, help with the oven."

Wow. She made her own pizza. Like from scratch on a pita, with tomato sauce and cheese.

The good news? She's motivated and can be independent, whatever her status with snaps and hair brushes.

The bad news? She wants the oven on.


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