Saturday, June 22, 2013

What a Lady Needs

Let's play: "What Is In Elise's Purse?"

Elise has been carrying a purse with her everywhere lately.  It's been clutched up under her arm for a week.

I have been dying of curiousity to see what she feels is so desperately important.  Yesterday, she left it in my suburban unattended for the first time.  I brought it in last night to see what was in it.

So, my dear girl needs 2 wallets (one full of coins), one sweater slipper, a snack bag, a plastic camera, a pair of sunglasses, Wet Wipes, a hackysack, a picture her sister colored for her, a doll's cape, a sugar packet, a Rio bookmark, a Perry the Platypus eraser, a plastic top, a golden medal, a play thermometer, a measuring tape, and a newspaper.
It appears that she is partially prepared for almost anything life should ask of her.
I died laughing.

1 comment:

  1. The contents of her purse are eerily similar to what I often find in my purse! Depending on what's going on with the kids, I often have my wallet, antibacterial soap, camera, small pack of bandaids and then assorted kids' stuff - tiara, goldfish crackers, pens and pencils, Hot Wheels car, etc. I think that is a well-packed purse! :) And it's probably neater than mine because she won't have crumbs from the crackers.