Monday, July 18, 2011

GQ, Where Are Your Editors???

GQ. Wow.

GQ Magazine is doing their very best to offend some of the most down to earth people they can. I am not terribly upset in a personal way, because they don't appear to be dabbling in reality...but wow. They will unfortunately influence someone else who doesn't dabble in politicians perhaps? THAT is where my anger and irritation comes in. They have already withdrawn their comments on Down Syndrome on their web edition...and adoption...yeah, there is really a group of people that need to be brought to task....ACK!!!

Where the heck are their editors for FACTS and not offending people????? Or are reasonable, giving people now allowed to be mocked and crucified?? And those with chromosomal disabilities are fair game??

Down Syndrome:

Boston Herald's Commentary


GQ Themselves!

Thanks to Brian Skotko of Childrens' Hospital Boston and Brianna of the blog: "Just Showing Up" for bringing these to my attention. They had fantastic comebacks, so I'm going to let THEM answer for me today...Do open their links!!

Wow. I can barely comprehend how, in today's society, these came to be printed. And I am just slightly shy of the midevil throwing down of the gauntlet...

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