Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chicken or the Egg

Last Sunday was Easter. It was the most AMAZING weather, with what has happened in the last 24 hours, makes it feel like forever ago. BUT, I need to share this before I forget!

We had planned to get to the early service, which we missed getting out the door on time by about 10 minutes...and for Easter, that is just so not acceptable. So we got to continue our 3 year streak of watching Narnia...We got to the second service to enjoy church together. At it's conclusion we ran up to Tennessee to join our families for lunch and an Easter egg hunt...and just general family time...

The fun story that I simply MUST share is on the egg hunt. Elise likes the idea of the egg hunt, but she is not as fast as her sister or cousins in seeing the eggs or getting to the her egg stash looked more like her two year old sister, than the brimming baskets of the rest of the hunters...fortunately, she enjoys it so much, she spent half the time admiring the eggs she had already found. She did eventually notice that she didn't have as many as the others so she started looking harder in areas that had already been scraped clean...finally, she went up to my in-laws storage shed and pointed...I said "What? I don't think there are any eggs there..." She insisted, "Chickens!!" What? More insistantly, "Chickens!! Eggs!!" OH!!!! "You think there are chickens in the shed?" "Yes!! Eggs!!" "And you think they have more eggs?" "YES!!"

So, stratch this whole hunting the eggs thing...let's go straight to the source!!! You gotta admire that kind of proactive decision!! :)


  1. What a smarty pants!! :D LOVE it!!

  2. Clever girl! Okay, your news link is super scary. Are you guys okay?

  3. Yes, we are safe...many family and friends are dealing with varying levels of destruction and effects of the storms...Scarey...